Heat Absorbing Optical Filter Glass

Heat Absorbing Optical Filter Glass from Stock

Heat absorbing filter glass, which is also classified as a shortpass filter, exhibits high transmission in the visible range and effective absorption of infrared radiation in the long wave spectral region. Heat absorbing filters are used wherever good transmission in the visible range is required along with effective absorption of undesirable heat radiation. This makes this glass an excellent heat absorption filter, or heat protection filter. These filters can be used as heat protection filters in photocopiers, in hospital operating room lamps, and also as components in laser eye safety glasses and windows.

View heat absorbing spectrum filter glass transmission curves.

Heat absorbing filter glass from stock comes standard 50mm square x 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thick, standard transparent finish 60/40 scratch/dig. Availability of product is subject to change based on current in stock inventory.

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Item# Heat Absorbing Filters Schott (equiv)  Hoya (equiv) Geometry  Thickness
 FG-HA02-1  50mm x 50mm 1mm+/- .1mm
 FG-HA02-2  50mm x 50mm 2mm+/- .1mm
 FG-HA02-3  50mm x 50mm 3mm+/- .1mm
 FG-HA03-1  KG 3 HA-30 50mm x 50mm 1mm+/- .1mm
 FG-HA03-2  KG 3 HA-30 50mm x 50mm 2mm+/- .1mm
 FG-HA03-3  KG 3 HA-30 50mm x 50mm 3mm+/- .1mm





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