Laser hole deburring, chamfering, and blending, Laser Slag Removal

Lasered Substrate Chamfering and Beveling

Laser slag associated with laser drilled holes is unwanted raised material remaining on the top surface and inside the holes as a result of the lasering process.

This laser slag, on microelectronic substrates, needs to be removed because the loose material will cause reliability problems with fine-line microcircuitry.

Laser slag can be and often is removed manually but it is inconsistent and if properly done, costly.

Valley Design Corp. has developed a unique process that could solve your lasered or diamond cut substrates edge and cut-out contouring problems.

  • Edge rounding, chamfering, blending, and polishing
  • Laser slag removal - click here for more information
  • Sharp corner rounding and deburring
  • Prepare edges for circuit wrap-around applications
  • Enhanced - via edge rounding and contouring










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