Ultra Thin Sheet Glass, Thinned and Polished Sheet Glass

Ultra Thin Sheet Glass Wafers thinned to as thin as 10 microns

Ultra Thin Sheet Glass Wafers, Thinned and Polished: Borofloat, B270, D263, Eagle XG, Corning Gorilla Glass, Schott Supremax and Xensation Glass

Ultra-thin sheet glass thinned and polished is available from Valley Design. Standard sheet glass materials can be further lapped and polished to ultra-thin thicknesses, as thin as 10 microns. Surface finish is optically polished 20/10 scratch/dig.  Valley can also dice Ultra Thin Sheet Glass to any die size from as small as 0.127mm square.All of these sheet glass materials are available in the ultra-thin thicknesses listed below: Borofloat glass, B270 glass, D263 glass, Eagle XG glass, Corning Gorilla glass, Schott Supremax glass and Schott Xensation glass.

Standard Delivery approximately 2½ weeks. Please call or e-mail for details (pricing and availability may be subject to change).

Item # Geometry Thickness
ULT-101 1cm square 20um thick
ULT-102 1cm square 25um thick
ULT-103 1" square 50um thick
ULT-104 1" diameter 50um thick
ULT-105 1" square 75um thick
ULT-106 1" diameter 75um thick
ULT-107 1" square 100um thick
ULT-108 1" diameter 100um thick
ULT-109 1" square 125um thick
ULT-110 1" diameter 125um thick