Ultra thin Fused Silica, Glass, Ceramics and Sapphire

Ultra Thin Fused Silica, Glass, Aluminum Nitride, Alumina and Sapphire

Building on our nearly 40 years of expertise in processing a variety of materials to ultra thin thicknesses, Valley Design has leveraged this knowledge to push new limits in ultra thin processing, polishing some materials to as thin as 10 microns.

In 1cm geometries, Fused Silica can be thinned and polished to 10 microns thick, as well as Silicon. Ultra thin glass such as AF45 glass, Borofloat glass, B270, D263, Eagle and others can be polished to 10-15 microns thickness. Ultra thin Aluminum Nitride can be provided as thin as 15-20 microns, and ultra thin Alumina 96% and 99.6% Alumina to 20 microns thick.

Due to the variances of internal stresses in different orientation planes of Sapphire, ultra thin Sapphire is available as follows: Ultra thin A plane Sapphire at 25 microns, R plane Sapphire at 50 microns, and C plane Sapphire at 75 microns thick.

In addition, Valley Design provides some of the thinnest wafers available in the industry. In Fused Silica, glass, ceramics and sapphire, ultra thin wafers are available in the following standard thicknesses:

  • 10mm diameter x 10-15 microns thick
  • 1” diameter x 25 microns thick
  • 50.8mm diameter x 50 microns thick
  • 75.6mm diameter x 60 microns thick
  • 100mm diameter x 75 microns thick
  • 125mm diameter x 85 microns thick
  • 150mm diameter x 100 microns thick
  • 200mm diameter x 125 microns thick
  • 300mm diameter x 150 microns thick

Custom thicknesses are also available, please inquire.

Ultra thin Fused Silica and glass wafers can be optically polished to as low as 10/5 scratch/dig < 5 Angstroms Ra. Ultra thin Aluminum Nitride and ultra thin Alumina is polished to < .3u" Ra. Ultra thin Sapphire is polished to < 5 Angstroms Ra. At these thicknesses, ultra thin wafers are still relatively handleable. These wafers may be further thinned to even thinner thicknesses, however would need to be adhered to a supportive backing plate. The end user would then need to dismount and clean the ultra thin wafer at their location. Valley also routinely thins and polishes customer supplied wafers and dies to ultra thin thicknesses.

Contact Valley Design for all your ultra thin wafer needs.