Xenation Wafers

Standard Sizes Xensation Wafers

Xensation Wafers

Standard Delivery approximately 2½ weeks. Please call or e-mail for details (pricing and availability may be subject to change)

Surface finish is standard transparent 60/40 scratch/dig.  Flatness is 3-5 waves/inch.  Valley can also lap and polish Xensation Wafers to improve the surface finish and flatness.  Valley can also dice Xensation Wafers to any die size from as small as 0.127mm square.

Datesheet for Xensation Wafers

Item # Geometry Thickness
XEN-101 1" diameter .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-102 1" diameter .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-103 1" diameter 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-104 1" square .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-105 1" square .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-106 1" square 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-107 2" diameter .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-108 2" diameter .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-109 2" diameter 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-110 2" square .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-111 2" square .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-112 2" square 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-113 3" diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-114 3" diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-115 3" diameter w/flat 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-116 3"square .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-117 3"square .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-118 3"square 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-119 100mm diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-120 100mm diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-121 100mm diameter w/flat 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-122 100mm square .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-123 100mm square .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-124 100mm square 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-125 125mm diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-126 125mm diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-127 125mm diameter w/flat 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-128 125mm square .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-129 125mm square .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-130 125mm square .1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-131 150mm diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-132 150mm diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-133 150mm diameter w/flat .1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-134 150mm square .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-135 150mm square .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-136 150mm square 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-137 200mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-138 200mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-139 200mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-140 300mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .55mm +/- .05mm
XEN-141 300mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .7mm +/- .05mm
XEN-142 300mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 1.1mm +/- .05mm
XEN-143 450mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .50mm +/- .05mm
XEN-144 450mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .70mm +/- .05mm
XEN-145 450mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 1.1mm +/- .05mm





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