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300mm Ceramics

Lapped 99.6% Ceramic Thin Film Substrates

Lapped Thin Film 99.6% Ceramic Substrates
A breakthrough in Ceramic substrates manufacturing has made it possible for Valley Design to offer large geometry 99.6% thin film substrates. These tape cast substrates are available from stock in evaluation quantities.

Valley Design Corp., an AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 certified company, announces a breakthrough in large geometry Ceramic substrate manufacturing and now has as fired up to 300mm diameter x 0.060″thick 99.6% tape cast substrates available for immediate delivery in prototype quantities. These large substrates can be manufactured in thicknesses from 0.010″ to 0.080″ thick.

For critical applications where superior surface finish is needed, these same Ceramic substrates can be lapped and polished to better than 1 microinch and as thin as 0.005 inches. Lasered hole patterns can also be incorporated.

Typical applications are for thin film circuits and some new uses like dielectric material in electrostatic wafer chucks.

Valley Design products conform to tight dimensional tolerances and specifications as well as rigorous quality standards.