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Aluminum Nitride Wafers & Substrates

Aluminum Nitride Substrates from Valley Design

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic is the perfect material choice when high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties are needed. Aluminum Nitride has a combination of high dielectric strengthening, high electrical insulation properties, and low thermal expansion. Valley Design supplies Aluminum Nitride with thermal conductivity of 170 W/mK, 180 W/mK, 200 W/mK and 230 W/mK. AlN Aluminum Nitride is optimal for hybrid, power and microwave electronics applications where an electrically insulating nontoxic substrate material is required. It is the ideal material for a wide variety of uses in the growing Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defense and Medical Industries.

Like silicon, aluminum nitride has a low thermal expansion, but unlike silicon, aluminum nitride has a high thermal conductivity (175-285 W/mK) and great dielectric features. Its high levels of oxide layers protect it from oxidation from heat and is naturally resistant to molten salts like chlorides and cryolite. Aluminum ceramic substrates and aluminum nitride substrates are useful in mobile phone technology development because of its resistance to certain chemicals and because of its piezoelectric features, among other excellent and useful aluminum nitride properties.

Aluminum nitride is commonly applied in technology-heavy industries and applications such as:

  • Opto-electronics
  • Electronic substrates (aluminum nitride substrates are great thermo-conductors)
  • Military applications
  • Electric insulation and conductor product manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing

Valley Design’s aluminum nitride and aluminum nitride ceramic substrates manufacturing abilities means we can fulfill any supply order for your aluminum nitride and substrates needs, and we can do it to your unique requirements and specifications.

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