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Polyimide Wafer

Polyimide Plastic Products from Valley Design

Known for thermal stability, chemical resistance and good mechanical properties, polyimide plastic is an extremely flexible material best used in insulation. Valley Design expertly fabricates high-quality polyimide plastic products for a variety of industries including the automobile and air filter manufacturing industries.

Our line of polyimide plastic products includes polyimides that are aliphatic, semi-aromatic and aromatic and either thermoplastic or thermosetting. Because of polyimide plastics products’ high tolerance to heat, its flexibility and its burst pressure-resistance, polyimide-based plastics are useful in the following applications:

  • Insulation and passivation films
  • Mechanical parts
  • Filters
  • Medical tubing

For polyimide plastic products such as polyimide plastic sheets or cable insulation, contact Valley Design. Our expert engineers and professional team of polyimide plastic products fabricators can design and produce any number and type of polyimide-based plastics for your next design or project. With state-of-the-art equipment and tools in our facilities, Valley Design will precisely and accurately fabricate your polyimide plastic products and deliver them to your company doorstep.