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Silicon Wafer Polishing & Dicing

Dicing of Silicon Wafers and Stacks

Dicing of Wafer Stacks for High Voltage Rectifiers
At Valley Design, we are the experts in precision dicing. Our dicing services can cover all your needs from prototypes to production dicing services. With 15 K&S and DISCO dicing saws, we have one of the highest diamond dicing volume capacity in the industry. Silicon die from as small as .127mm square to Silicon stacks as high as 6.25mm can be diced, as well as a wide variety of hard materials including Fused Silica, Glass, Aluminum Nitride, Alumina ceramics, Sapphire, Silicon Carbide SiC, Silicon Silicon-Carbide (SiSiC) and many others.

A recently developed process allows us to dice thick wafer stacks. This new service is now being offered by Valley Design Corp. Beyond our normal services for dicing Silicon, Ceramics, Glass, Quartz and other electro-optical materials.

Valley Design has developed a process for dicing multi-layer Silicon stacks up to 0.170″ thick. A typical stack might consist of 16 layers of Silicon — diced into chips as small as 0.062″ sq. This could produce a voltage rectifier up to 2400 volts. Kerf loss is kept to the absolute minimum with thin blades, .010″ to .025″.

The most rigorous customer standards are maintained.