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Optical Glass Properties

AF45 Glass Properties

Principal Use(s)

AF45 is a modified borosilicate microsheet glass which has many applications for thin glass products such as LCDs, Solar Cells, Hybrid Circuit Substrates, CCD Covers, Electroluminescent Displays, Active Matrix Displays, Sensors, and other components. Because of its unique properties, this material is the best choice for various special
display and thin glass applications. AF45 glass has a high content of BaO and Al 2O3, is alkali-free, has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high visible light transmission. The material is available in a wide range of
thicknesses, and is fire polished, often making further lapping and polishing unnecessary. AF45 glass is no longer manufactured from Schott, however there is some material still available from inventory. Please call or email for availability.

Thermal/Mechanical Properties

Density (at 20 °C/68 °F): 2.72 g/cm3
Thermal Coefficient of Expansion (20-300 °C): 4.5 x 10 -6/K
Young’s Modulus: E=66 kN/mm 2
Strain Point: 627°C/1161°F
Annealing Point: 663°C/1225°F
Softening Point: 883°C/1621°F

Optical Properties

Refractive Index: nd (lambda=588nm) = 1.5255
Optical transmission

Electrical Properties

Dielectric Constant: Er= 6.2 (1MHz)
Dielectric Loss Factor: tan=9 x 10 -4 (1 MHz)

Chemical Properties

Medium 5% NaOH N/50 Na2CO3 5% HCL
Temp in °C 95 95 95
Reaction Time (hrs.) 6 6 6
Loss of Weight (mg/cm3) 2.2 0.11 5.2

Available Thicknesses

0.200mm ± 0.020mm
0.400mm ± 0.020mm
0.500mm ± 0.050mm