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CNC Machining Metals

Custom CNC Machining Services

Custom CNC machining, precision CNC machining and custom CNC micromachining services of various materials, both hard and soft from Valley Design.

Valley Design has been precision CNC machining, dicing, lapping and polishing a wide variety of materials for over 50 years.

Valley Design offers a full range of precision CNC machining services to fulfill your custom CNC machining requirements.  The custom CNC micromachining experts at Valley Design can produce parts with micron level tolerances in a variety of hard materials including Glass, Fused Silica, Aluminum Nitride and Alumina ceramics, Sapphire, Silicon Carbide and metals such as Aluminum, and Copper. We can provide custom CNC machining services on your material, or on Valley supplied material from our large inventory of stock.

Precision CNC Micromachining Services

Our precision CNC micromachining capabilities are available as a stand alone service, or may be utilized in conjunction with our precision lapping, polishing and dicing services.  Using our 5-axis Haas CNC equipment, machined features may include slots, pockets, channels, bevels, through-holes, radii, steps, edge and corner chamfers, counterbores and other complex shapes with tight tolerances.  Our CNC vertical milling and dicing equipment can produce parts as small as .127mm square and as large as 30” x 20” in geometry.  Depending on the material type and size, we can handle any thickness from ultra-thin 10-12 microns, to thick parts with a height limitation from the CNC of 20”.

Custom CNC Machining Services

Our customers return to us time and time again to meet their custom CNC machining needs because of our keen attention to detail and refusal to provide anything less than the highest quality CNC micromachining services. We are AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 certified, and providing high quality products and services to our customers is of paramount importance to us.  Providing precision CNC machining (or Computer Numerical Control machining) on hard materials is a state-of-the-art process, and we treat it as such.  We know that your success rides on our ability to deliver flawless custom CNC micromachining along with the best possible precision lapping, polishing and dicing services.

We have experience providing precision CNC machining services to clients from many different industries including semiconductor, medical, aerospace, communications, photonics and research, and we are familiar with a wide range of custom CNC machining needs on a wide range of materials both hard and soft.

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To find out more about Valley Design’s custom CNC micromachining capabilities, please send us your specifications and drawings to discuss your requirements so that we can collaborate with you to find a solution.

With the recent acquisition of Haas 5 axis CNC equipment, Valley can now offer a complete array of finishing services to complement our traditional precision lapping, polishing, dicing, grinding services: