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Precision Lapping & Polishing Metal Parts

Lapping for flatness, lapping for surface finish, polishing

Lapping Flat, Parallel, Precise and Smooth
Valley Design is one of the world's most diverse and leading companies in precision lapping and polishing of most materials from tiny sapphire chips to large metal parts.

Valley Design’s East and West coast facilities feature:

  • Production lapping department equipped with over 50 lapping machines
  • Prototype and process development department has the most experienced personnel to handle the most difficult customer requirements
  • Production polishing department where surface finish of a few Angstroms is the norm
  • Planetary double-sided lapping department handles the tightest tolerance parts
  • Material prep department for all grinding, cutting, drilling, chamfering and rounding
  • Machine shop for internal tooling requirements and equipment maintenance needs
  • 1000K cleanroom for Q.C. inspection and critical part processing
  • Optical laboratory where Angstrom level surface finish measurements are made using WYKO optical profilometer, laser interferometers for flatness, Indars Interferometer for ultra-thin transparent wafer flatness, Beckman spectrometers and various optical measurement instruments.
  • Computerized stock room for immediate shipment of ready made parts from stock.

Contact Valley Design for all your lapping and polishing applications from research and development through prototype and high production.

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