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Metal Hole Drilling & Shaping

Semiconductor Wafer Shaping Capabilities up to 450 mm

Semiconductor Wafer Shaping, Dicing and Polishing, all SEMI standard sizes from 2" up to 450mm diameter
Valley offers wafer processing of all types, and also stocks many materials in SEMI standard sizes. We also provide custom sized wafers in almost any size and thickness combination.
  • Standard SEMI wafers 2″ diameter, 3″ diameter, 100mm diameter, 125mm diameter, 150mm diameter, 200mm diameter, 300mm diameter, 450mm diameter
  • SEMI standard wafers with or without a reference flat or SEMI notch
  • Double side polished wafers to < 1 micron TTV
  • SEMI standard and custom Silicon wafers, Germanium wafers, Sapphire wafers, Glass and Fused Silica wafers, Ceramic wafers Slicing to 5″ diameter
  • Edge grinding
  • Lapping to 450mm diameter
  • Dicing to 6″ diameter. Larger diameters may be diced, but must be quartered first. Valley Design has one of the largest dicing capacities in the USA.
  • Optical grade materials
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Wafer thinning/backlapping
  • Complex shaping, CNC machining
  • Surface flat orientation
  • Process development and R &D

Contact Valley Design for all your SEMI standard wafer and custom wafer requirements. We process customer supplied materials, and also have many materials available from our large inventory.