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Ultra-thin Glass Wafers, Semi Standard Glass Wafers

Polished Glass Wafers and Substrates to SEMI Standards
Glass wafers and glass substrates as well as Fused Silica, Fused Quartz, Soda Lime Glass, AF45, BK7, B270, Borofloat 33, D263, Gorilla Glass, Eagle XG Glass, Borosilicate glass, and other materials such as 99.6% and 96% Alumina, Sapphire and Aluminum Nitride, are available to SEMI specifications in sizes ranging from 50mm (2″) up to 450mm (17.7″). These SEMI standard wafers can also be fabricated with a SEMI notch or one or two SEMI flats.

The surfaces of these glass substrates and glass wafers can be lapped opaque or if fabricated from sheet glass, are standard transparent on one or both sides with chamfered edges. Wafers may also be optically polished. Along with SEMI standard sizes, Valley also fabricates custom wafers in any size and thickness with tight tolerances (+/- .5um) including “ultra-thin” – 0.001″ (25 microns) thick.

Edges can be optically polished or rounded. Wafer cassette packaging available.

Typical Glass Substrate and Glass Wafer Applications:

  • Thin film glass substrates
  • Cover glass
  • Optical window windows
  • Monitor wafers
  • Dummy wafers
  • Mirror coating substrates
  • Optical coating substrates
  • Touch control panels
  • LCD
  • Solar cells
  • Electroluminescent displays
  • MEMS and SOI

Round Glass Wafers and Glass Substrates With and Without SEMI flats or notch

Available in the following Materials:

Fused Silica, Soda Lime Glass, BK7, 1737F, AF45, B270, D263, LASFN9, 99.6% Alumina, 96% Alumina, Sapphire, Quartz, Aluminum Nitride, and Borosilicate Glass. Other materials available on request.


Standard surface finish of sheet glass material is 60/40 scratch/dig, and is transparent. Any glass can be further polished for higher quality surface finish, and flatness, or can be lapped opaque.

SEMI Std. Geometry Conversion (mm / inches) Thickness Primary Flat Length Secondary Flat Length
2″ ± .015″ dia. 50.8mm ± .38mm dia. .011″ ± .001″ (279um ± 25um) .625″ ± .065″ .315″ ± .065″
3″ ± .025″ dia. 76.2mm ± .63mm dia. .015″ ± .001″ (381um ± 25um .875″ ± .125″ .44″ ± .06″
100mm ± .5mm dia. 3.937″ ± .019″ 525um or 625um ± 20um 32.5mm ± 2.5mm 18mm ± 2mm
125mm ± .5mm dia. 4.921″ ± .019″ 625um ± 20um 42.5mm ± 2.5mm 27.5mm ± 2.5mm
150mm ± .2mm dia. 5.905″ ± .007″ 625um or 675um ± 20um 57.5mm ± 2.5mm 37.5mm ± 2.5mm
200mm ± .2mm dia. 7.87″ ± .007″ 725um ± 20um Notch
300mm ± .2mm dia. 11.81″ ± .007″ 750um ± 20um Notch
450mm dia. 17.71″ 925um Notch

NOTE: All sizes are available with tighter tolerances, better surface finishes and flatness, and in any custom geometry or thickness. Contact us for any standard or custom requirements.

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