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Production Dicing Services

Dicing Services

Wafer Dicing and Substrate Dicing Services
From prototype R&D through to high volume production, Valley provides custom dicing services, slicing and cutting services. The dicing saws are fully programmable, and are equipped with microscope and video for precision alignment. Over the past 50 years, Valley has routinely processed customer or Valley supplied materials up to 8" diameter, and even larger by special request. Valley dices not only standard types of materials, but will also develop dicing/cutting procedures for untried materials. Materials diced include all types of Glass, Fused Silica, Crystals, Quartz, Aluminas, Silicon, Aluminum Nitride, LiN, Ferrites, Ceramics and delicate compound semiconductors such as GaN and InP. Depending upon the material, kerf may be as small as 20 microns, and dies may be diced as small as 0.127mm square. Valley has extensive experience in dicing patterned wafers, circuited substrates, patterned optics, optically coated wafers, slotted heat sinks, step and repeat patterns, slots/steps and v-grooves. For a complete summary of Valley Design's capabilities, please visit

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