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Optical Glass Properties

Pyrex 7740 Glass Wafers and Substrates

Corning Pyrex 7740 borosilicate glass is available in polished round wafers and square or rectangular substrates

Polished Corning Pyrex 7740 Glass and Schott Borofloat Glass Wafers from Stock:

Corning Pyrex 7740 glass is a borosilicate composition with unique chemical, thermal, mechanical and optical properties. Pyrex glass and Schott Borofloat glass have similar properties, and may be used interchangeably in many applications. Borofloat is typically more cost effective than Pyrex 7740 material, as Borofloat is a sheet glass, and comes with a standard transparent finish in many standard thicknesses. Pyrex glass is formed in blocks which then need to be sliced, ground, lapped and polished to achieve a transparent optical finish.

Pyrex has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and because its thermal expansion is a good match to Silicon, it is anodically bondable to Silicon. Pyrex glass can operate under high temperatures, is chemically durable, and has high energy transmission with a wider spectral band than soda lime glass in both the infrared and ultraviolet range.

Pyrex 7740 Properties:

Borofloat Properties: