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96% & 99.6% Alumina

96% Lapped Alumina Ceramic Substrate, Polished Ceramic Substrate

96% Alumina Lapped Ceramic Substrates
To meet a growing demand for 96% Alumina substrates, Valley Design Corp. offers lapped and laser-shaped 96% Alumina ceramic substrates as large as 12" x 12".

For higher thermal conductivity, Aluminum Nitride ceramic substrates are available from stock.

Valley can also produce round substrates, 50mm – 150mm in diameter meeting SEMI M1 STD specifications with flatnesses as good as .001 TIR. Depending on substrate thickness and size, Valley Design can hold flatness to .1 mil over any square inch area, and surface finish can be made as smooth as 2µ” Ra, or controlled to any finish required. For lasered 96% Alumina parts, Valley Design has developed a process for laser slag removal as well as edge rounding. On substrates and laser holes, this process can remove slag from one or both sides and chamfer square or round holes without the risks associated with blasting techniques.

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