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Optical Glass Properties

Corning Gorilla Glass features scratch resistant surface, superior durability

Scratch Resistant Corning® Gorilla Glass® from Valley Design
Corning® Gorilla Glass® is an alkali - aluminosilicate thin sheet glass which is well suited to survive common glass failures. Its unique composition allows a deeper layer of chemical strengthening thereby making it more durable and scratch resistant. Gorilla glass is strengthened through a High Ion Exchange (HIE) process which creates a deep compression layer on the surface of the glass. Tough yet sleek Gorilla Glass is an ideal cover glass for even the most innovative, thinnest, lightest electronic devices on the market. Even at its thinnest .55mm, it is tough enough to withstand the surface pressures typically experienced by touch devices.

Gorilla Glass is now available from Valley Design. Wafers and substrates are readily available in standard or custom sizes in the following thicknesses: .55mm, .7mm, 1.1mm, 1.3mm, 2.0mm. Standard wafer diameters are 2”, 3”, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm. Sheet stock is available as large as 423mm x 460mm and is transparent to approximately 60/40 scratch/dig. For custom sizes, Valley can fabricate parts from as small as 0.127mm square up to 400mm diameter and anything in between. If your application requires, Valley can custom thin these thicknesses to your specification to as thin as < 25um. Improved optical surface finishes and flatness are also available. Valley can also supply Dragontrail™ glass which is manufactured by Asahi Glass Corporation, and is similar in properties and performance to Gorilla glass.


-Higher compressive strength due to deeper compression layer

-High strength retention after use

-High resistance to scratch damage

-Superior surface quality


-Protective covers for smartphone displays, laptop and tablet computer screens, and mobile devices

-Touchscreen devices

-Optical components

-High strength glass articles


-Consumer electronics


Density 2.42 g/cm3

Young’s Modulus 71.5 GPa

Poisson’s Ratio 0.21

Shear Modulus 29.6 GPa

Vickers Hardness (200g load)

Unstrengthened 534 kgf/mm2

Strengthened 649 kgf/mm2

Fracture Toughness 0.68 MPa m0.5

Coefficient of Expansion 81.4 x 10-7 /°C


Additional Properties

Recent Gorilla Glass Parts provided by Valley Design:

  • 100mm x 150mm x 1.1mm thick, standard transparent finish 60/40 scratch/dig
  • 100mm square x 1.1mm thick, standard transparent finish 60/40 scratch/dig
  • 100mm diameter x 1.1mm thick with SEMI standard reference flat
  • 125mm diameter x .55mm thick, standard transparent finish 60/40 scratch/dig
  • 150mm diameter x 1.1mm thick with SEMI standard reference flat
  • 69.95mm + .1mm x 49.9mm + .1mm x 1mm + .05mm thick, double side polished, with four corner radius and 60 degree angled ground edge
  • 4.724” x 4.134” +000/-.012” x .041” – .046” thick, with drilled holes and AR coating

Please call or email us at us for a quotation based on your exact specifications.