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Silicon Wafer Polishing & Dicing

Polished Wafers and Polished Substrates

Polished Wafers and Substrates from All Materials
CMP polished, diamond polished, cerium oxide polished and numerous other composition polishes, depending on specifications and materials, are available from Valley Design, experts in wafer polishing and substrate polishing for over 50 years.

Polished wafer and polished substrate materials include:

Aluminum Oxide, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Aluminum, ALON, Alumina 96%, Alumina 99.6%, AF45, BK7, B270, Barium Fluoride, Brass, Ceramics, Carbide, Copper, Composites, Cordierite, Crystals, Fused Silica, Filter Glass, Fused Quartz, Ferrites, Garnet, Germanium (Ge), Glass, Graphite, Indium Phosphide (InP), Lanthinum Aluminate, Lithium Fluoride, Luag, MACOR, Magnets, Metals, MgO, MgTiO3, Mica, Molybdenum, Nickel, Niobates, Oxides, PLZT, PZT, Pyrex, Quartz, Roulon, Sapphire, Silicon, Silicon Carbide (SiC), Single Crystal Quartz, Soda Lime Glass, Stainless Steel, Steatite, Teflon, Titanates, Titanium Carbide, Tungsten, Zerodur, Zinc Selenide (ZnSe), Zinc Sulfide (ZnS), Zirconia and others. Many of these polished wafers and polished substrates are also in stock.

Due to Valley’s many years of experience with polishing such a wide variety of materials, we have perfected our polishing capabilities, and are able to provide some of the highest quality surface finishes available. Valley can also polish the edges of many of these materials. Optical finishes of 10/5 scratch/dig, < 7 Angstroms are available on many materials. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be happy to provide a quotation.