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Polished Silicon Wafers

Polished optical grade silicon, high resistivity

Polished Optical FZ Grade Silicon
Polished optical grade Float Zone Silicon in SEMI standard or custom sizes and thicknesses are available from Valley Design. Lapped surface finish is also available, and wafers can be OD ground into custom diameters or diced into any custom length and width.

Valley can provide SEMI standard Silicon wafers, or custom sizes and thicknesses. Standard sizes are 1″, 2″, 3″, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm diameters. We also process customer supplied material and offer Silicon backgrinding and thinning, bonded wafer thinning and polishing, CMP planarization, individual die thinning, OD grinding and dicing services. Wafers can be bare, or patterned with films or coatings. Valley also provides wafer downsizing services, where Silicon wafers can be resized to any custom diameter, or into square or rectangular shapes, while still maintaining the orientation of the original wafer. If required, after downsizing the wafer the orientation flat or notch can be re-cut into the re-sized wafer.

Super polished surface finishes 7-10 Angstroms are available, and Silicon can be thinned to as thin as 20-25um thick (in 1cm square size). Silicon wafers can also be diced into any size as small as 0.203mm square. Valley has recently expanded its precision dicing department, and now operates 8 DISCO dicing saws, and 3 K&S saws. Newly available, Valley can now backgrind, thin and polish customer supplied 450mm diameter Silicon wafers. Valley also supplies SEMI standard dummy wafers up to 450mm diameter in various glass materials.

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