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Optical Glass Properties

Optical Glass Wafers from Sheet Material

Optical Glass Wafers, Windows, Discs and Die from Stock
Optical Glass Types: Borofloat, B270, D263, Eagle XG, Corning Gorilla Glass, Schott Supremax, Schott Xensation

These optical glasses are manufactured in sheet form and are available in standard thicknesses. Standard surface finish is transparent as-drawn 60/40 scratch/dig, and flatness is 3-5 waves/inch. If required, these materials can also be thinned and optically polished to custom thicknesses. If thinned and polished, the flatness and surface finish will be improved. Borofloat glass, B270 glass, D263 glass, Eagle XG glass, Schott Supremax glass, Schott Xensation glass and Gorilla glass can all be sized into standard or custom diameter wafers, windows and discs up to 450mm diameter, or square or rectangular substrates. These glasses may also be diced into smaller glass die for applications such as shims and spacers, blocks and submounts, as small as 0.127mm square. Valley also has 4 axis CNC capabilities to incorporate such features as slots, holes, pockets, channels, steps and more into these sheet glass materials. Click here for application of these glasses.

Please click on links below to view part numbers for each material. Depending on stock availability, deliveries may be up to approximately 2 1/2 weeks. Call or e-mail for details (pricing and availability may be subject to change).