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Optical Glass Properties

Float Zone Silicon

High Resistivity Float Zone Silicon
Float Zone Silicon, available in P-type boron doped and N-type phosphorous doped also with high resistivity approaching 100,000 ohm-cm in 1-1-1 and 1-0-0 orientations up to 100 mm diameter can be custom diced and thinned by Valley Design.

Valley provides custom dicing services and thinning and polishing services on Silicon of all types including FZ and CZ Silicon, and can supply the raw material, or process customer supplied material. Standard wafer diameters from 3″, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm can be single side or double side polished, and can be thinned to any custom thickness. Valley has thinned and polished 3″ diameter Silicon wafers to as thin as 30um thick in production quantities. Smaller sized Silicon 1cm square can be polished to as thin as 20-25um thick. We can also provide thick Silicon wafers up to 3mm thick and thicker.

Valley has also recently expanded its precision dicing department. We now have 8 DISCO CNC dicing saws and 3 K&S dicing saws. All are fully programmable with a repeatable accuracy level of 2 microns, and are equipped with 200x microscopes for precise line up to streets and fudicials. Our dicing saws can accommodate up to 6″ diameter as a standard size. Certain 200mm diameter materials can also be accommodated. Larger wafers up to 300mm diameters can be quartered and then diced. Thick and thin parts can be diced, from as thin as 20 microns to as thick as .250″ using a wide variety of blade types and blade widths and thicknesses. Blade kerfs can be as low as 20 microns wide. Thicker parts can be diced with other precision machines at Valley Design. We can dice as small as 0.203mm square. Valley dices both our own materials from our extensive stock, as well as customer supplied materials, including coated and patterned wafers and bonded wafer sandwiches.

We also provide bonded wafer thinning. Typical applications could be thinning SOS wafers or thinning the Silicon side of a Silicon wafer bonded to glass.

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