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Optical Glass Properties
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450mm Technology in Silicon, Glass, Ceramics
Machining Aluminum Nitride, Dicing, Lapping, Polishing
Aluminum nitride AlN substrates and wafers from stock
CNC ceramic machining drilling, shaping, polishing
Ceramic substrates, alumina high precision
Color glass filters available from stock
Custom CNC machining and precision CNC machining
Dicing hybrid and semiconductor circuits, prototype and production
Contract precision flat lapping services
CNC fused silica machining, grinding, polishing, dicing
Germanium Ge infrared optical components and windows
CNC machining, sodalime, borofloat and/or zerodur glass
Laser hole edge deburring, chamfering and blending
Laser hole edge deburring, chamfering and blending
Blackest vacuum deposited coatings for IR, VIS and UV
Colored optical glass filters
Optical polishing services for all materials
Custom thin film optical coatings
Unfilled polyimide wafers and polyimide substrates
Superpolished metal optical components
Dicing Services - from Prototypes to High Volume Production Dicing
Quartz and single quartz machining
Fused silica and fused quartz substrates
Sapphire wafers and substrates
Polished silicon wafers
Stainless steel wafers and substrates
Thin Borosilicate glass sheets, wafers and substrates
Equipment for Sale or Wanted
Polishing of Irregular Surfaces to Angstrom level Finishes