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Polished Stainless Steel Foil, Stainless Steel Substrates Foils

Stainless Steel Substrates and Foil
Stainless steel foils, substrates, plates and wafers in all sizes, shapes, thicknesses and surface finishes processed to customer specifications with some wafer sizes available from stock.

Stainless steel 304, 316, and 430 square, in geometries from round, rectangular or odd shaped can be supplied in any thickness but more commonly 0.025″ (625 mm) and thinner (to 0.001″/25 microns) with surface finishes from as machined to optically polished. Valley Design provides stainless steel foil in all sizes.

Polished stainless steel substrates are commonly used for semiconductors, solar cell manufacturing, sensor, medical and numerous other applications. For larger volume production, foil may be the solution. Shop online for stainless steel foils.

Available surfaces for stainless steel substrates, foils and wafers:

VDC Surface Finish Designations:

  • VDC – 1 As machined/manufactured – depending on thickness
  • VDC – 2 Lapped surface with loose abrasive – dull, uniform finish
  • VDC – 3 Diamond fine lapped – shiny but slightly scratched look
  • VDC – 4 Standard buffed surface
  • VDC – 5 Fine buffed surface
  • VDC – 6 Polished surface
  • VDC – 7 Fine polished surface (80/60 scratch/dig)
  • VDC – 8 Optically polished surface (60/40 scratch/dig)
  • VDC – 9 Fine optical polished surface (40/20 scratch/dig)
  • VDC – 10 Best optically polished surface (20/10 scratch/dig) – 20 Angstrom Ra range

Valley can also provide surface finish analyses and reports with our in-house WYKO optical profilometer instrumentation. Click here for more information on how the WYKO works. Please call or e-mail for further details, or for a quotation per your specifications.