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Optical Glass Properties

Optical Transmission Equipment Designers and Manufacturers

Since the 1980s, optical transmissions have been the backbone of communications. It’s high reliability and large capacity makes optical transmission the premier method of electronic communication

Past just normal communication, optical transmissions are also useful and accurate in scientific field research. The accuracy of the measurement of light transmitted through a turbid medium is what makes optical transmission systems so popular. However, it’s important to have high-quality optical transmission equipment that adequately supports this method of communication and light measurement.

Valley Design will accurately manufacture the optical transmission calculators and equipment needed for not only scientific field research but also in mass communication like internet, phones, and television signals.

Lightweight and spaciously conservative, optical transmission equipment is popular because of its small footprint while maintaining a wide range of capabilities. Our line of optical transmission equipment includes enclosures, equipment, housings, cables, trays and more. From our expert optical transmission engineers comes robust and powerful equipment for the commercial communication sector.