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Optical Glass Wafers

Glass Substrates from Float Glass

Glass Substrates from Sheet Glass
New technology from Corning produces glass sheets formed in the air by fusion manufacturing process which takes raw materials and blends and melts them, forming a homogeneous and virtually defect free surface. This means that glass substrates made from this material have flat, pristine surfaces with no subsequent grinding or polishing needed.

Custom optical glass substrates are available from Valley Design finished to specific drawings and specifications for applications including:

  • Display technology
  • Circuit glass substrates
  • Photomasks
  • LCD hybrid circuits
  • Imaging machine
  • Solar cells
  • Conductive/glass
  • Thin glass substrates
  • Coating technology
  • Instruments
Glass substrates can be made from D263 glass, float glass, AF45 glass, B270 glass, Corning 0211 microsheet glass, Borofloat glass, borosilicate glass, Eagle 2000 glass and crown glass. Other materials include fused silica, Pyrex, 7070 glass, color filter glass, Zerodur and quartz glass substrates.

Glass Substrate Processing and Services

  • Glass Cutting by diamond sawing, precision dicing, wafer jet and scribing.
  • Glass Machining by milling, impact grinding, core drilling, ultrasonic hole drilling, ultrasonic shaping, beveling and chamfering.
  • Glass Substrate finishing by precision grinding, lapping and optical polishing.