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Thick Ceramic Wafers & Substrates

Dicing wafers, dicing substrates and optical windows

Dicing of Optical and Microelectronic Substrates
Precision diamond dicing and grinding services of hybrid circuits, optical substrates, wafers, plates and windows from difficult materials including sapphire, fragile crystals, thick Silicon wafer stacks, thick plating and various metals. Will also develop dicing processes for untried materials.

Valley Design has expanded their materials processing department and is now offering dicing and backgrinding services to the electro-optical industry and can deliver parts in 24 hours, when necessary on East and West coasts.

Whether it is Silicon (up to 6″ diameter), Quartz, Ceramic, Sapphire, Alumina, Titanium, Carbide, Ferrite or any other material that is diceable, Valley Design has the latest state of the art equipment for the job.

Chips as small as .005″ square can be diced from substrates as large as 6″ square. Valley even has dicing saws that can accommodate parts that are 6″ by 18″. The dicing saws are equipped with microprocessors and closed circuit TV microscopes, all coordinated in the hands of skilled operators.

Valley Design also excels in backgrinding, lapping and polishing glass, Silicon, Aluminum Nitride, Fused Silica and Quartz substrates.