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Premier Wafer Substrate

Premier Wafer Substrate Supplier

Valley Design manufactures wafers, substrates and discs from all materials including Fused Silica, Glass of all types, Colored Filter Glass 96% Alumina, 99.6% Alumina and Aluminum Nitride ceramics, Sapphire, CVD Silicon Carbide SiC and metals including Stainless Steel. We provide wafers in SEMI standard sizes, as well as custom sizes, and have 1,000’s of finished wafers and substrates available from stock.

Source your wafer substrate for integrated circuits and photovoltaic uses in solar cells with Valley Design’s high-quality and precisely-produced wafer substrate. In addition to producing silicon wafer substrates, we’re also a wafer substrate manufacturer that provides a variety of diceable conductors and insulators such as:

  • Single-element conductors
  • Silicon on insulator
  • fiber optic
  • Fused quartz
  • Fused silica
  • Organic semiconductors

With our updated and cutting-edge technology, we manufacture high-quality wafer substrates for microelectronic uses and solar cell production. As a premier wafer substrate supplier, our facilities on the east and west coasts can design, produce and then deliver all over the country.

Valley Design’s excellent equipment operators efficiently and accurately dice materials with equipment outfitted with microprocessors and closed-circuit TV microscopes to produce silicon wafer substrates with complete precision.