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Manufacturing Services by Valley Design

Our capabilities in providing precision machining services make us a world-leading company in precision materials engineering and manufacturing. For nearly 50 years, our services have grown and evolved with the changing trends in precision material engineering and manufacturing. Our in-depth experience with components needed in the manufacturing of electro-static chucks (ESD) for the semiconductor industry, combined with our 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining services put Valley Design at the cutting edge of technology. We also offer CNC hole drilling, optical edge polishing services and small diameter core drilling. Basic optical coating services are also offered by Valley Design.

We’re dedicated to serving our customer with cutting-edge tactics and processes, including:

  • CMP polishing
  • Wafer chuck repair
  • Ultrasonic hole drilling
  • Small core drilling
  • Machining
  • Laser drilling
  • Laser slag Removal
  • Long rod polishing
  • Low kerf wafering
  • Electro-optics material processing

As technology changes, so do we. With our long list of services provided like electro-optics material processing for technology applications, CMP polishing and wafer chuck repair, we also provide excellent customer service and are always communicating with clients to ensure that the order fulfillment occurs smoothly and efficiently. There’s no sitting around wondering how long our machining service or laser drilling will take, as we keep customers updated with constant communication and order status updates.