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Quartz CNC machining, Single Crystal Quartz Machining

Quartz CNC machining techniques are dependent on whether it is Fused Quartz such as GE 124 and GE 214, Fused Silica such as Corning 7980 and Schott Lithosil, or Single Crystal Quartz. Valley Design has experience with all these types of quartz, and provides a full range of services from precision lapping and polishing, CNC machining, hole drilling and dicing. Features that can be CNC machined into these materials include through holes, pockets, chamfers, radii, steps and slots.

Single Crystal Quartz
Single Crystal quartz is manufactured from crushed natural quartz.  The quality is evaluated on the basis of its Q factor, a measure of its piezoelectric response as an indication of the purity of the crystal.  It is available in plates up to 150mm.  Valley Design processes all quartz orientations, and provides various quartz machining services including lapping and polishing, thinning, dicing, cutting, wafering, precision hole drilling from AT-cut to Z cut single crystal quartz.

Fused Quartz
Fused Quartz such as GE 124 and GE 214 is made by melting crystalline silica in the form of stone, sand or rock.  Fused Quartz has a much lower OH content than Fused Silica, but Fused Silica transmits better in the UV.  Both materials are highly pure with good chemical and shock resistance, and low thermal expansion coefficient.

Fused Quartz Properties

Fused Silica
Fused Silica is synthetic amorphous Silicon Dioxide, and is non crystalline in structure.  Fused Silica combines very low thermal expansion coefficient with good optical qualities and excellent transmission.

Fused Silica Properties

Valley design processes all these materials and can machine, dice, lap, polish to micron tolerances, Angstrom level surface finishes, and micron thicknesses with no size limitations.  Come to Valley Design for all your single crystal quartz, fused quartz and fused silica CNC machining needs.