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Silicon Wafers & Component

Wafering and Slicing of Optoelectronic Materials

Wafering and Slicing Services
A wafering technique, developed by Valley Design, reduces significantly the cost of slicing expensive materials into blanks or wafers.

Originally developed for the slicing of Silicon boules into semiconductor wafer blanks, the process has been expanded to include Fused Silica, filter glass, microwave glass windows and other electronic materials. The process is based on I.D. blade technology using equipment designed by Valley Design to achieve the least possible kerf loss for any given thickness/diameter ratio.

The greatest advantage of the process is in reducing kerf loss when slicing thin wafers from expensive stock. In addition to the low kerf loss, the process is capable of producing blanks with thickness and parallelism tolerance within 0.0005″ depending on overall diameter.

The as-cut surface is equivalent to a fine ground finish and is usually suitable for final polishing where required. Other services include wafer thinning and back-grinding of all semiconductor and optoelectronic materials.