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Glass CNC Machining

Glass CNC Machining Service Hard Materials, Glass Cutting Service

CNC Machining Soda Lime, Borofloat, and Zerodur Glass
CNC glass machining services from Valley Design can produce all your requirements for intricately formed glass, fused silica, Zerodur, CLEARCERAM and any other materials machined to complex geometries.  With the recent addition of Haas CNC 5-Axis equipment, Valley can offer precision CNC micromachining services of various hard materials including glass of all types, fused silica and quartz, ceramics and metals.

Features may include through holes and pockets, corner chamfers and radii, edge chamfers and steps, complex geometries with tight tolerances.  These parts can also be lapped or polished with optical quality surface finishes.   We can also machine extremely small shapes, rounds, squares, rectangles and anything else you can conceive – Valley has done it all for over 37 years with customers all over the world.

Contact us for your ULTRA-THIN requirements, on all materials ranging from plexiglass to sapphire.