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Ceramic Wafers Lapped and Polished

450mm Technology in Silicon, Glass, Ceramics

Grinding, Lapping and Polishing 450mm Wafers
Billions of dollars are being invested by semiconductor industry leaders such as Intel, TSMC and Samsung on research for 450mm  technology and the implementation of fabs able to produce 450mm Silicon wafers. So called 18 inch wafers are actually 17.717”, 450mm diameter to be exact.  450mm technology also requires wafers of other materials including 450mm ceramics, 450mm glass dummy wafers and 450mm diameter chucks all of which can be provided and processed by Valley Design.

When the industry began converting from 200mm to 300mm fabs, the price per die was reduced by 30-40%.  A wafer fabrication step, such as an etch step, or a lithography step can be performed on more chips per wafer as roughly the square of the increase in wafer diameter, while the cost of performing the step goes up more slowly than the square of the wafer diameter. Although moving from 300mm to 450mm fabrication poses significant challenges, similar productivity gains would expect to be realized.

Valley Design is in the midst of this development providing 450mm diameter ceramics, 450mm glass wafers, wafer backlapping, thinning, edge rounding, stress relieving, hole drilling and other machining services related to the manufacture of 450mm wafers and 450mm technology.

Recent projects include:

  • Soda Lime Glass 450mm diameter x 1.1mm + .1mm thick, transparent finish, with notch
  • Soda Lime Glass 450mm diameter x .7mm + .1mm thick, with reference flat
  • Soda Lime Glass 450mm diameter x 1.1mm thick with one side lapped non transparent 25u” Ra
  • Borofloat Glass 450mm diameter x 1.1mm thick, 60/40 scratch/dig
  • Soda Lime Glass 450mm square x .4mm thick
  • Silicon blanks 450mm diameter polished to 1-2u” Ra, with radiused edges
  • Corning 7980 0F UV Grade Fused Silica 450mm diameter x 5mm thick, optically polished both sides 40/20 scratch/dig, flat to 2-3 waves per inch
  • Customer supplied 450mm diameter chuck for Valley to thin the ceramic dielectric side from .030” to .005” thick, with 2-4u” Ra finish

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