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Optical Glass Properties

Ultra Thin, Ultra Flat Borosilicate Glass

Glass Materials and Processing for Information Display

Valley Design stocks and processes a wide variety of materials for information display and related applications. These materials come in standard sizes or can be machined to your custom specifications.

Valley provides precision lapping, polishing, dicing, edge/angle polishing, fiber array polishing, grinding and coating services and manufactures substrates, windows, wafers, wedges, hot and cold mirrors, glass rods and spacers, lenses, beam splitters, wave guides and other components. Valley routinely processes wafers to SEMI specs up to 300 mm diameter, and larger by request.

Specialties are Ultra-Thin (as thin as 12.5 microns), Ultra-Flat (1/20 wave), Super polishing (<10/5 scratch/dig or 5-10 angstroms), tight tolerances (± 1 micron) and dicing as small as .005″ square. The end faces and outer diameters of many of these materials can also be optically polished.

· 1737F: Near zero alkali aluminosilicate composition glass, economically priced, withstands rigorous thermal cycles of polysilicate transistor processes. Used as substrates for electronic thin film circuits, polysilicate transistor processes, active matrix flat panel displays, microdisplays, TFTs and AMLCDs.

· B270/Crown Glass: High transparency material with uniform optical transmission characteristics in the visible spectrum as well as the IR and UV regions. Applications include display covers, high resolution scanners, optical elements for light sensors, optical windows, substrates, lenses.

· Borosilicates: (AF-45, D263, 7059, Borofloat) Low alkali glass featuring excellent thermal resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion and optical transmission. These glasses can be used in thin film devices, LDC (active matrix), electroluminescent displays, CCD covers, solar cells, hybrid circuits and as coating, filter, and electronic substrates.

· Float Glass: Economically priced commercial grade material with a high coefficient of expansion and excellent optical characteristics. Float glass can be used for flat panel displays and windows for numerous optical applications.

· Fused Silica/Fused Quartz: Very high UV transmission, extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature and chemical resistance, low loss dielectric properties, electrically insulating. Applications include optical reference flats, windows, mirrors, test plates, high temperature view ports, optical components, aerospace applications, solar cells and passive energy collectors.

· Pyrex: Low coefficient of thermal expansion, high chemical, acid and temperature resistance, high energy transmission with wider spectral band than soda lime in both infrared and ultraviolet ranges. Used for dielectric coating substrates, neutron absorbers and in high temperature, long-term, extreme environmental applications.

Valley stocks these and many other materials, and also processes customer supplied materials to specifications.