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Ceramic Substrate Dicing Services

Valley Design provides dicing services for all types of ceramic substrates for MEMS, SOI, DBC, Optics, semiconductor and hybrid circuit industries. We can service your R&D and high volume production dicing of wafers and substrates up to 6” diameter or square, including Alumina dicing, Aluminum Nitride, Macor, Silicon Carbide, and hybrid substrates. With 15 K&S and DISCO saws, we have one of the highest volume capacities in the industry.

As part of the semiconductor substrate manufacturing process, dicing saws are used to singulate and cut small dies out of a larger finished wafer or substrate. These die are then utilized by our OEM customers in semiconductor packages, and various types of electronic components and devices for optical device applications such as communications. High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics such as Alumina and Aluminum Nitride (HTCC) offer superior heat tolerance, humidity resistance and heat dispersion and excel in high-frequency characteristics. Thus they are used in applications which require environmental resistance, or high-frequencies, such as communications equipment.

Valley utilizes K&S and DISCO fully automatic, programmable dicing saws for dicing ceramics, as well as many other types of materials including Fused Silica and Quartz, Glass of all types, Sapphire, Silicon, metals and many others. In conjunction with our 4 and 5 axis CNC capabilities, many shapes and features can be machined such as pockets, cavities, slots, channels, chamfers, through-holes, radii and steps, all with tight tolerances. We also have the capability to machine domes.

These capabilities enable you to better handle production pressures and meet the requirements for kerf, chip specifications, and delivery. Depending upon the material, the dicing kerf may be as small as .001”. Various types of dicing blades can be used which have different grit sizes, bond types such as metal or resin, and different profiles. There are also many size and thickness options when choosing dicing blades.

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