CNC Machining Services with Valley Design

As technology advanced in CNC machining, so did our services. With our custom CNC machining tools, we’re able to precisely cut materials to fit your specific needs. Our machining company has mastered the tools and the processes of cutting stock materials to deliver your part or product that perfectly fits specifications.

Not all CNC machining services are the same, at Valley Design, our engineers and manufacturers are able to produce unique and specifically-designed parts and products from fragile materials with CNC glass machining and CNC ceramic machining processes.

We serve all industries with custom CNC machining services from our dual-coast facilities. Whether you need ultra-thin and ultra-flat parts and products, or a one-of-a-kind design carved from a stock metal, our highly-trained and expert employees serve our extensive customer base with top-of-the-line custom CNC machining. We employ cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of our competitors and bring you the parts and materials you need for even the most precise of projects, from a large variety of materials like precious metals, silicon, quartz and more.