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Optical Glass Properties

Industry Applications with Valley Design Products: Overview

Our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities are suited for the precision materials and technology materials industry. Among our many services include materials and processes that are applicable for a variety of industry clients.

For glass, metals, precious metals and other materials, we offer chemical coatings for extra protection and antireflection properties. For glass materials, we offer antireflection coated glass and thermal spray coatings while for slab gate valve surfaces, we have scratch-free grinding and lapping for a clean HVOF WC/CO polishing service.

Valley Design’s stock of glass materials can be fabricated and modified for a variety of applications such as telescope reflectors, antireflection coated glass, eyewear lenses, camera lenses and projectors. Our electro-optics material processing and manufacturing services can engineer the glass materials solutions to your technology company’s exact specifications.

Our 37 years of experience in precision materials and electro-optics material processing make us a world leader in manufacturing, lapping, grinding, and HVOF WC/CO polishing services. Clients can expect high accuracy and perfection in our metal, and glass materials precision processing. We also deliver to our customers and can have your materials to you within 24 hours if necessary. Contact us today for quoting and material specifications.