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Optical Glass Properties

Optical Filter Glass for Laser Protection Windows and Shields

Laser filter glass in all sizes to 200mm x 200mm and thickness to 10mm. Laser protection filter samples are available from stock in 50mm square x 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thick. Laser safety barriers and laser viewing windows are used in a wide variety of laser applications which include R & D, industry, medical and military.

Valley Design offers 75 different types of filter glass (Schott produces only 50 filter types). Polished 50mm x 50mm filters of all types, in sample quantities, are available from stock. Custom sizes, thicknesses, surface finishes and flatnesses are also available from Valley Design.

For further information on the below listed laser protection filter glass types, click on the HEBO part number and examine the transmission data for the required applications. Choose filter glass with maximum protection and most brightness.

Valley Design Part# HEBO Filter Glass Schott Filter Glass Hoya Filter Glass
VFG-14-0530 O 530 OG530
VFG-15-0540 O 540 0-54
VFG-16-0550 O 550 OG 550
VFG-17-0565 O 565 OG 570 0-56
VFG-18-0580 O 580 OG 590 0-58
VFG-19-R600 R 600 RG 600 R-60
VFG-20-R610 R 610 RG 610
VFG-21-R630 R 630 RG 630 R-62
VFG-22-R640 R 640 RG 645 R-64
VFG-23-R670 R 650 R-66
VFG-24-R670 R 670 RG 665
VFG-25-R700 R 700 RG 695 R-70
VFG-26-R720 R 720 RG 715 R-72
VFG-38-B05 B 05 B-440
VFG-39-B09 B 09
VFG-45-B38 B 38 BG 38
VFG-46-B07 B 07 BG 7 B-480
VFG-48-B18 B 18 BG 18
VFG-50-B39 B 39 BG 39
VFG-51-B40 B 40 BG 40
VFG-72-HA02 HA 02 KG-2 HA-50
VFG-73-HA03 HA 03 KG-3 HA-30

Complete listing of 75 Hebo filter glass types.