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Optical Glass Properties

Schott B270 & BK7 Glass Filters, Hoya Filter Glass

A Filter Glass Referenced to Schott and Hoya
Valley Design’s wide selection of color filter glass is comparable to Schott B270 glass and Schott BK7 glass. In fact, you can use this table to cross-reference our glass to Schott B270 and Schott BK7 optical glass. Valley Design is proud to offer color filter glass that exceeds industry standards by achieving super polished Angstrom level finishes and precision dicing. Small diameter hole drilling, customized shaping, machining, thinning, and chamfering are all perks of ordering your optical glass from the experts at Valley Design. From custom thicknesses to custom filter geometrics, everything about Valley Design’s color filter glass can be tweaked to meet your needs. Allow us to show you why Valley Design is your preferred source of optical glass!

Color filter glass types available from Valley Design can be cross-referenced to Schott filter glass and Hoya filter glass.

Unique advantages in color filter glass supplied by Valley Design:

  • Optical glass filters from stock
  • Custom polishing of optical filter glass to super polished Angstrom level finishes
  • Precision dicing
  • Small diameter hole drilling
  • Custom shaping, machining, thinning and chamfering
  • Custom filter geometries available from 2mm to 200mm square and rounds
  • Custom thicknesses from 50µm to 15mm thick
  • All standard color filters also available

For filter glass specifications, click here.