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Optical Glass Properties

Precision Electro Optic Submounts and Spacers

Valley Design manufactures submounts, shims and spacers with perfect edges, precision cut, machined, drilled, lapped or polished as required to meet even the most stringent tolerances.

To enable applications of all types, submounts spacers, bases, carriers and shim parts are manufactured from various materials including 7059 Glass, Soda Lime Glass, Fused Silica, Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Silicon Carbide (SiC), Sapphire, ALON, Alumina, Silicon, Steatite, and many others. Tolerances can be held within a few microns, and flatness to fractions of a lightband. These shims and spacers may be lapped, or optically polished.

Applications may include:

  • Ceramic submounts for polarization optics
  • Laser diode spacers / submounts
  • Glass spacers for planar lightwave circuits (PLC’s)
  • Silicon transmission line spacers
  • RF submounts / spacers
  • Micropackaging for optical and electronic components
  • Aluminum oxide polarization optics submounts
  • Aluminum Nitride spacers for TIA submounts
  • Interconnect spacers for TOSA packaging

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