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Optical Glass Properties

Lightweight mirrors with reflectance over 98% in IR spectrum

Valley offers custom made lightweight aluminum honeycomb mirrors for IR applications. Typical specifications for aluminum mirrors are flat to lambda/4 with 5nm Ra surface finish.

On the polished surface of the aluminum mirror, a high bond strength Gold coating (99.99% pure) is deposited to form a reflective layer. The thickness of the layer is optimized to 5000A (0.5 microns) to achieve maximum reflectance (> 98%) in the 1.5 micron region. The parts are then Ion Beam cleaned under high vacuum using Argon Ion Beam to enhance the bond strength of the coating. The process takes place in a Class 1000 clean room. Laminar flow hoods are in a Class 100 environment. Alphastep-100 profilometer thickness readings can be provided for each batch. Aluminum mirrors may also be coated with protective overlay. Unmetallized, the

Aluminum mirror will have over 85% reflectivity, but with the protective overlay, reflectivity will be over 80%.

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