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Optical Glass Properties

Precision Wafer Dicing and Wafer Backgrinding

Precision wafer dicing services are provided for prototype and high volume dicing requirements. All dicing saws are fully programmable and equipped with high magnification optics for precision alignment.

Partial cut and break services are offered or 100% saw through on tape or other carrier. ESD protection available when required.

Precision Wafer Dicing Request for Quotation

Wafer and substrate dicing services for of standard materials like glass, quartz and silicon or need to develop dicing and cutting procedures for untried materials, Engineering will work with you to achieve your quality and product goals.

Required wafer dicing information:

  • Description of material to be diced?
  • Is ESD protection required?
  • Is a print available?
  • Are dimensions in mm or inches?
  • Starting material length, width or diameter and thickness?
  • Starting quantity?
  • Finished piece, chip or die size and expected yield?
  • Tolerances and maximum allowable edge chip size?
  • Is there a pattern or metalization? Is it a step and repeat?
  • Allowed blade thickness, kerf or street width?
  • Is there a preferred mounting technique?
  • Are the surfaces protected? Do the surfaces need a protective coating?
  • Can the pieces be left mounted?
  • If it is left mounted and cleaned, what special instructions?
  • Delivery requirements?
  • Is there a budget?