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Vacuum Chucks Reconditioned and Repaired

Semiconductor vacuum chucks can be repaired if damaged and reconditioned when worn or do not meet user's needs for flatness, parallelism or level of surface defects. With prior arrangement, 24 hour service is possible.

Vacuum chuck repair service is now available from Valley and can accommodate chucks from 1″ to 48″. Vacuum chucks, for lithographic and precision dicing applications are manufactured to extreme limits of flatness, parallelism, thickness tolerance and surface finish. The surface condition of chucks is extremely important for wafer reference throughout the critical processing and alignment in various fabrication processes.

In dicing operation, chucks are easily damaged. Harsh environment, continuous use, accidents-all contribute to dicing chuck damage. Most vacuum chucks can be restored to the original or an even tighter tolerance condition. Depending on size, flatness is possible to ¼ wave, parallelism to 50 millionths of an inch, thickness tolerance usually to 0.001″ or tighter and surfaces polished to mirror finish when required.

Pricing, depending on quantity, specifications and size is usually in the $400 to $800 range, but slightly more for chucks with damaged porous inserts. When equipment is down because of a faulty chuck, Valley will help keep downtime to a minimum.

Valley also laps and polishes new chucks of all types and sizes.

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