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Optical Glass Properties

Phosphorous Doped Silicon by Neutron Radiation

N-type phosphorous doped Silicon by neutron radiation was invented by Topsil in 1974. In this NTD (neutron transmutation doping) process, Silicon atoms are transformed into phosphorous atoms.

By adjusting the level of neutron radiation, material resistivity can be altered without introducing external dopants and therefore guaranteeing material purity. This NTD type Float Zone Silicon is available in <1-1-1> and <1-0-0> orientations up to 150mm diameter ingots and wafers.

Sample Listing of Polished NTD Silicon From stock

3 in. Diameter polished one side
Lot # Resistivity ohm-cm Thickness micron Quantity
2792-111-N 28-47 279 90
2793-111-N 28-44 279 21
6001-111-N 135-165 600 150
100 mm diameter polished one side
5002-111-N 94-116 500 185
7302-111-N 180-220 730 250
7502-111-N 500-600 750 483

Please note: this is a sample listing of wafers in stock. We have several thousand kilograms of Silicon in various forms for fast delivery.

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