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Optical Glass Properties

Optical Grade Silicon

Optical grade Silicon is available in ingot form, as-cut wafers, etched, lapped or polished in sizes up to 100 mm.

Silicon is the most economical IR material available. For optical use, Silicon is produced by the CZ crystal growth method or by the float zone growth method. Both P-type and N-type are acceptable for IR optics provided that they offer transmission greater than 50% in the 1.5 to 6 micron wavelength.

For N-type Silicon, typically the resistivity should be greater than 20 ohm-cm and, for P-type, greater than 40 ohm-cm. For use in the near IR, this is not so critical, but for applications for the far IR, resistivity can be critical. Float Zone Silicon most always meets criteria for optical use. 3″ diameter Silicon is available up to 10,000 ohm-cm from Stock.

Inventory consists of Silicon in various forms and sizes in <1·1·1> and <1·0·0> orientation, N and P-type, 1″, 2″, 3″, 100 mm, and odd sizes on special orders. With this large quantity of Silicon to choose from and in-house shaping and polishing capabilities, Valley Design will assuredly meet your optical grade Silicon needs on short notice.

When requesting a quote or to check our stock , please provide us with the following information: Quantity, wafer diameter, thickness, type, orientation <1·1·1> or <1·0·0>, resistivity range, TTV (if important), surface finish, edge condition (if applicable), orientation flat specification, other important information.

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