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Polished Sapphire Wafers from Stock

Single and double side polished Sapphire wafers and substrates are available from stock in these sizes:
1", 2", 3", and 100 mm diameters as thin as 100 microns (4 mils). In stock the smaller diameter wafers as thin as 25 microns (1 mil). Choosing Sapphire windows and substrates instead of Quartz or Glass offers the consumer many benefits: it is hard and strong, scratch resistant, maintains high strength even when thinned to a few mils thick.

The company has made space application windows for Lockheed 12½” x 2½” x .0035″. Sapphire is an extremely pure material — 99.99% Al2O3 and windows made from Sapphire will wear up to five times longer than Quartz. Sapphire does not react to common industrial products like Hydrofloric, Hydrochloric, or Sulfuric acids, and for biomedical applications, Sapphire is often chosen because it does not react to body fluids.

Offered is a complete line of flat optical pieces as well as lapped, polished and diced substrates, in Ceramic materials, Sapphire, Quartz, Fused Silica and many glasses.

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