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Optical Glass Properties

Thinning Bumped Silicon Wafers

Thinner dice required to fit into thinner packages and the increased use of flip-chip have created new challenges for the microelectronic industry. It is generally assumed that bumped wafers cannot be thinned except by etching the backsides of wafers.

Wafers and dice (chips), bumped or un-bumped, can be thinned to almost any thinness (approaching 10 microns).

The process typically starts with an evaluation order for a few prototype wafers or chips. This is absolutely necessary in order to clarify customer’s specifications and requirements and also to optimize a process that will produce highest yield.

For some applications, a slight polish or a few angstrom level polish on the backside of the thinned wafer will reduce stresses, thereby reducing breakage and increase product yields. Dicing prior to thinning is also an option.

Singulated chips also can be thinned and polished to any thickness and tolerance without compromising edge quality. For more information click here.

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