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Optical Glass Properties

Ultra Thin Sheet Glass, Thinned and Polished Sheet Glass

Ultra Thin Sheet Glass Wafers thinned to as thin as 10 microns
Ultra Thin Sheet Glass Wafers, Thinned and Polished: Borofloat, B270, D263, Eagle XG, Corning Gorilla Glass, Schott Supremax and Xensation Glass

Ultra-thin sheet glass thinned and polished is available from Valley Design. Standard sheet glass materials can be further lapped and polished to ultra-thin thicknesses, as thin as 10 microns. Surface finish is optically polished 20/10 scratch/dig.  Valley can also dice Ultra Thin Sheet Glass to any die size from as small as 0.127mm square.All of these sheet glass materials are available in the ultra-thin thicknesses listed below: Borofloat glass, B270 glass, D263 glass, Eagle XG glass, Corning Gorilla glass, Schott Supremax glass and Schott Xensation glass.

Standard Delivery approximately 2½ weeks. Please call or e-mail for details (pricing and availability may be subject to change).

Item #


ULT-101 1cm square 20um thick
ULT-102 1cm square 25um thick
ULT-103 1" square 50um thick
ULT-104 1" diameter 50um thick
ULT-105 1" square 75um thick
ULT-106 1" diameter 75um thick
ULT-107 1" square 100um thick
ULT-108 1" diameter 100um thick
ULT-109 1" square 125um thick
ULT-110 1" diameter 125um thick