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Optical Glass Properties

Thin Substrate and Wafer Hole Drilling and Coring

Ultra-thin material hole drilling, core drilling and dicing has been a specialty at Valley design for close to 50 years. Drilling and dicing is performed by Valley’s highly skilled personnel using computerized dicing saws, drills and CNC equipment.

Valley offers CNC machining and dicing, rotary ultrasonic diamond and laser drilling of all materials including quartz, ceramics, glass, sapphire, polyimides, stainless steel and many other materials with configurations as small as 1mm x 1mm x 25 microns thick, which could also have a 1/2mm hole.  Parts can also be AR coated.

Typical core drilled parts:

-Customer supplied Alpha Quartz with MgF2 coating on one side.  Valley to thin and optically polish to .0012” + .00015” thick, then core drill to .65mm diameter.
-BK7 Glass 3.5mm + .125mm diameter x .25mm thick, polished both sides 60/40 scratch/dig
-BK7 Glass 4mm diameter x .25mm + .025mm thick, optically polished both sides 40/20 scratch/dig, < 7 Angstroms
-Fused Silica .115” + .004” diameter x .17mm + .005mm thick, optically polished both sides 20/10 scratch/dig, < 7 Angstroms
-Glass or quartz wafer .170” diameter x .010” thick, polished both sides, coated with optical coating
-Stainless Steel .085” + .004” diameter x .010” + .001” thick, polished both sides mirror finish < 50 Angstroms Ra

Typical hole drilled parts:

-96% Alumina 15mm square x .7mm – 1mm thick, flat to < .025µm, with one 10mm diameter through hole in center of substrate
-A-plane Sapphire 10mm diameter x .0035” + .0005” thick, polished both sides 60/40 scratch/dig, with 2mm diameter central hole
-Aluminum Nitride block 15mm x 14mm x 2mm with one 3mm diameter hole
-Aluminum Nitride .88” x 2.3” x .250” thick, lapped both sides 25µ” Ra, with .280” diameter central hole
-Aluminum Nitride 29.35mm x 8mm x .015” thick with 15 degree angle corner crop, and 2 holes drilled 4.80mm + .13mm diameter
-AlN Package Dummy 52.2mm + .26mm x 30mm + .15mm x 4.3mm + .15mm thick, with .5mm + .05mm diameter holes
-Dragontrail glass (chemically strengthened) 4.262” x 4.035” + .012” x .041” – .046” thick.  Cut 4 corners with .226” radius, and drill 4 through holes .402” width with .201” radius at the bottom of the hole.  Drill 1 through hole each .874” .343” and .079” diameters + .012”
-Fused Silica 100mm diameter x .5mm + .025mm thick, optically polished both sides 20/10 scratch/dig < 7 Angstroms with center hole 15.5mm + .02mm, central hole position .02mm
-Silicon 10mm square x .5mm + .025mm thick, lapped both sides 25u” Ra, with one 2.5mm + .1mm square hole in center

Valley Design has extensive experience with these and other similar projects.  Many various materials are processed by Valley from hard ceramics and Sapphire, to metals, quartz and glass.  Contact us for your hole drilling and core drilling requirements, as well as keep us in mind for any other precision machining including lapping, optical polishing, dicing, backgrinding, slicing and CNC machining.