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Equipment for Sale - Used EvenHeat Kiln

Valley Design has an EvenHeat kiln for sale in used condition. We sell equipment such as lapping machines, ovens, kilns, air gauges, lasers, laser power meters, and 100mm wafer scribers. This particular EvenHeat kiln is being sold in as-is condition, and the buyer must make arrangements to pick up EvenHeat kilns upon completing the purchase. EvenHeat 4320 is a manual model with temperature capability up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. Please note that this EvenHeat kiln also comes with a custom thermal controller. If you are interested in purchasing EvenHeat kilns for sale, or if you have questions about any of our products, please contact the Valley Design sales team.

Used equipment for sale includes lapping machines, ovens, kilns, air gauge, laser, laser power meter, 100mm wafer scriber.
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EvenHeat Kiln 4320

Mfg: EvenHeat Kiln Inc., 6949 Legon Rd., Caseville, Michigan  48725
Model: EvenHeat 4320 (manual)
Specs: 240 VAC / 24 amp / Single Phase / 5760 watts
Max temp: 2300 F
Sitter Kiln Control
Model: 10-10
Specs: 230 VAC / 45 amps
Includes: Custom thermal controller






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Note: All equipment is being sold in As-Is condition with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied. Buyer is responsible for shipping / pick-up arrangements. All equipment is located in our Shirley, MA facility. Please email us for pricing, more information, or for additional pictures.